20th May 2014

I am pleased to announce that I will have a resident spot at the House Of OM Spiritual cafe & Retreat, in Godshill Isle of Wight.  Doing Shamanic Classes & Workshops. Keep an eye on the blogg for up dates on classes that will be available .

House of Om


12th April 2014

Ok so I officially became an Access Bars Practitioner back in 2012, and have only really offered snipets. Or incorporated parts into energy work sessions. From the feedback I have received it is clear that you are all wanting full sessions. So i will be offering full 2 hour sessions on the treatments page. check it out! And if you are a Magic Maz member receive a special 10% discount for the rest of April 🙂 Happy shifting everyone!!


3rd April 2014

I was ordained in the Universal Life Church back in 2012, so I have decided that I will be making my Hand Fasting Ceremony public. If you require a Hand Fasting Ceremony to be written or require a minister to perform it for you. please get in touch with me via the contact me page.   To confirm my Ordination please email;

Ministry ordination


1st April 2014

So the plan is to be able to deliver well produced on line courses that have great content and the right resources, to enable you to fully understand what is required of you, Delivered to you as a good quality on line course.  My main aim is to have a wealth of learning material, such as manuals, audio & how to video. Plus on line Skype access at any time for questions and progress reports.  But most importantly i am taking the steps to have every single one of the course’s I produce, accredited! Yes accredited spiritual course on the Isle of Wight! How cool will that be! No more ferry trips! 🙂

I will keep you posted on this development as things arise.







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