About Maz

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I first became aware that I had talents and abilities in connecting with the unseen world when I was just a little girl. My ability to empathize with your problems is not just because of my talents, I had to overcome many obstacles in my life from an alcoholic parent, to loosing my sister at the age of 8. To dealing with abusive relationships, drugs and alcohol. Depression & anxiety.

The biggest gift I can give to you is my own experience in coming out the other side. Through the knowledge of the unseen world & energy work I will show you how you can face your problems yourself and find the strength, courage and belief in yourself once more. The light was always there inside of you! you just had to find it again.

My work began just over 8 years ago when she started intuitive readings & spirit release. Although the talents became apparent at a much younger age, and personal development began a little over 12 years ago.  I became aware that I was able help a great deal of people. Through my own transformational processes I have developed a deep understanding of the energetic world around us, who were are and how we have the ability to shape and mould our lives. The continual search for spiritual truth has led me through many pathways. I have come to realize that I feel most at home in the natural world & the spirit world. The ability to travel the spirit realms is what has lead me to healing through the guidance of helping spirits. This relationship has been built over many years of working and evolving through my own healing journey, which I now wants to share with others.

I teach Energy Work through traditional Japanese Reiki and other Energy Healing modalitites (Sacred Earth Reiki / Karmic Reiki / Celestial Light Reiki / Dolphin of Atlantis Reiki / Egyptian Seichem) She also facilitates Hoop Drum journeys and Drum Healing. Vibrational healing; though sound movement and chant.


I love creating and make Native inspired Medicine Jewellery & Crafts; please see the on line shop for ideas

I  have trained  in holistic therapies. I am also a Minister of the Universal Life Church, Since April 2012 & offer Hand Fasting Ceremony’s

What is on offer:


Power retrieval

Soul essence retrieval

Energy work

Body Work

Crystal Therapy

Drum healing

Drum journey’s

Various treatments: Massage / Reiki / Facials / Manicures

Reiki Treatments/Training;

Usui Shiki

Dolphin of Atlantis

Sacred Earth

Karmic Reiki

Attunements available:

Sacred Medicine Wheel

Magical Shaman Lightworker Programme

Medicine crafts & Jewellery

Spiritual coaching for complete beginners


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