You Are The Cats Whiskers! :-)

You Are The Cats Whiskers! :-)

So what if your body is actually like the cats whiskers? A sensory organ that feels its way through life?

For me this used to be a nightmare when I was a young girl…constantly feeling others emotions, feelings, pain and all manner of things. But I always had the awareness that it wasn’t actually my stuff that I was feeling, How did I get to be so lucky?. I just didn’t know what to do about it back then!

It wasn’t until I started working with a coach about a year and a half ago that I actually realized to what extent our bodies are like the cats whiskers! Through out my energetic journey over the past 12 years, I have worked hard on my shadow self and all the places I had to be in total allowance of, with in my self. But this was new! This allowed me to have an awareness that was not previously available to me. When you or someone else makes a judgement or a conclusion about YOU, we tend to let this energy get hold of us subconsciously, we they buy into these and fix our point of view, which in turn limits our realities and what we can create!

What if there is something else, what if you are super dooper perceptive like a TV ariel! The world is full of people who let out untrained thoughts, feelings and emotions into the universe. This creates a soup of energy that we have to wade through daily! So what if 99% of what you think is actually someone or something else’s

So, one tool I use for this everyday! Is a question which allows me to perceive, if what i am thinking is mine or someone else’s.

Ask out loud for every thought feeling an emotion that comes up –
“Who does this belong to”? If you start to lighten up within your body, or smile or what ever makes you lighter, then it isn’t yours to own! So say out loud ” Return to sender with conciousness attached”. Repeat it over and over until you feel light as a feather

With infinite gratitude to Angela Gower-Johnson & Access Conciousness for this AMAZING tool!!


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