Will you grow flowers or weeds?



The choice is simply, do we hang on to the crap….let it fester till its a big pile of steaming sludge and allow the weeds to grow amongst it, or do we use it to cultivate that space in our minds & plant the seeds of tomorrow? Every challenge that comes our way is an opportunity to either grow weeds or flowers. Its is which one we choose to cultivate.

From my own experiences over that last 2 years with loosing loved ones to cancer, I could have quite easily let the weeds grow and fester. The difference is, I made a choice! I chose to use the fertilizer to plant seeds! I could have gone into the self pity and everything is everyone else’s fault and life is so unfair drama! By the reality is I am the only one responsible for my thoughts, actions & deeds. But also one thing became very obvious, society had this pre conceived notion of how I should be? How grief should sit! If I had taken on all of those judgements and conlusion at that time I would have more than likely still been festering in self pity.

So I chose to grow flowers! I chose to move on, I chose to get up! and I chose to make them proud! And to be proud of myself and all I ave achieved. Self gratitude 🙂

So what will you choose?





One thought on “Will you grow flowers or weeds?

  1. Well if you’d asked me that a while ago……I chose to grow flowers, I chose to create. The choice to stay miserable weighs heavy. But the choice to grow flowers actually does feel good. I have managed ton let go of a lot since we have been doing work.

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