The 7 Sacred Teachings

LOVE – Eagle ; The Eagle is a reminder of our own ability to soar great heights

HONESTY – Jenu ; In facing a situation is to be brave, always be honest in your word and action

RESPECT – Buffalo ; All of creation is to be treated with respect, you must give respect if you wish to be respected

TRUTH – Turtle ; Slow down the pace of your life, faster is not always the best way to reach your goals. Speak truth do not deceive yourself.

COURAGE – Bear ; Just as the bear hibernates in the winter, bear reminds us to awaken to seek whatever opportunities are around us, to do what is right.

WISDOM – Beaver ; Beaver reminds us to act our dreams and make them reality. Wisdom is given by the Creator for the good of the people.

HUMILITY – Wolf ; Wolf brings inner power and strength, you are equal to others but not better. 


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