Posted in March 2013

Guard Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are like ripples on the water. They flow out and reach the end only to return to us in and never ending cycle of energy. Energy never runs out, but it can be changed. Change your thoughts. Change the energy you receive back. A mind full Of garbage will only lead to a … Continue reading


When ever you do something, do it with integrity. Ceremony is about integrity and commitment. Focus of intent and energy. Half hearted ceremony will only lead to half hearted results. Creator give me the strength to hold integrity in every thing I do – buffalo calf women

Why Is Change So Uncomfortable?

I asked my helping guides this question, as i have found from experience that the most uncomfortable times in my life have produced the most dynamic and prolific change Why does change feel so uncomfortable? Because if it were a comfortable thing, a thing we know, then we would not grow. A seed when it … Continue reading

New Contract

Maz is pleased to inform you all that her medicine work can now be found in Body, Soul & Spirit in Weymouth, Dorest! If you would like to enquire about Maz’s Medicine crafts in your shop, please contact her via email on:

What is the definition of magic?

“We can choose to function at a lower level of awareness and simply exist, caring for our possessions, eating, drinking, sleeping and managing in the world as pawns of the elements, or we can soar to new and higher levels of awareness allowing ourselves to transcend our environment and literally create a world of our … Continue reading