Anatomy Of Energy

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What would you like your life to look like?

What if you could create the life you want? What magic would you create?

What if you could break out of the cocoon and transform into the butterfly?


Would you like to be in a space of awakening, to have access to tools & processes that will help you to change? To be shown how you have the power to change?

To be able to feel the proof; How quickly change can be achieved through listening to your own truth.

Have access to knowledge & your own abilities, see everything through the eyes of childlike wonder.

How can I help you?

Through out my life I have overcome a multitude of tests and less than desirable life experiences. Through my own transformation work and self development over the past 10 years, I believe through empathetic healing and holding space for you;  I can help create change and show you how to “step into embodiment & empowerment”

There is only one this I require from you.  That you make a choice to change!


My gift to you, as a taster, is a FREE Earth re-connection meditation .  Simply sign up to become a member & receive your FREE audio.

There will also be an extra teleclass recording relating to Earth-reconnection, grounding and some other yummy stuff, available from the on line classes section very soon!


Spiritual Coaching / Shamanic healing / Reiki treatments & courses / personal development / holistic therapy / energy work / Hoop drum journeys / Medicine crafts    ALL available here at Magic Maz.



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